Shifting the Transfer Case


Here’s how the factory suggests you shift the transfer case and I’ve been doing this since these things were new and I worked at the dealership. Quoted from the owner’s manual. The suggestions in BOLD are mine.

“To engage, shift the transfer case lever from 2H to 4H while the vehicle is moving at any legal speed”. I let off the gas, throw the lever, tap the gas, and let off again.

4L position: ” To engage, slow the vehicle to 2-3 MPH , shift the transmission to Neutral, then shift the transfer lever to the right and pull firmly rearward to 4L”.

To shift out of 4L, stop the vehicle, shift the transmission to Neutral, shift the transfer case lever to 4H, then the transmission to Drive (if you have an automatic), or First gear (if you have a manual), and continue on.

Revised 1-31-2016

2 thoughts on “Shifting the Transfer Case”

  1. most of the time when I shift out of 4H, the jeep doesn’t recognize it until several miles of driving, it just eventually disengages and returns to 2 wheel drive. Any tips on getting it to disengage 4 wheel drive immediately? I’ve heard it could be a stretched transfer case chain? Thanks so much for making this website, I owe my jeep’s life to you, if it weren’t for this site, i never could have got my renix running right! I will make a donation in the near future, even if it is somewhat modest. Looking forward to future topics, (especially reducing cabin wind noise) Thanks again!

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