Renix Vacuum Harnesses


Vac harness 7151367

The vacuum harness that attaches to the front of the valve cover and includes the grommet/fitting, and is called the front harness, is Napa part number BK 715-1367 or is a Dorman 46003.

Vac harness 7151366

The vacuum harness that is closest to the air cleaner, EGR etc, and is called the rear harness, is Napa part number BK 715-1366 or is a Dorman 46004.

Vac harness 7151365

The tube from the rear of the valve cover to the intake manifold is part number BK 715-1365 or Dorman 46005 and comes with the valve cover grommet.

The Throttle Body to MAP hose is no longer available. Click HERE to access a fix for that.

Vac Diagram 4.0 Renix

Revised 2-6-2016

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  1. Cruiser I installed each of these vacuum parts but my hoses from the egr solenoid to the egr valve are different. Mine run from the solenoid to the vacuum housing and then back to the egr valve is this okay or did I do something wrong?

  2. It does but the two doorman products up top are made a little differently than the diagram but I think it works the same.

  3. According to the napa and dorman websites these harnesses do not fit a 1987 Cherokee 4.0. They do look very similar but do you have any experience using them on an 87? Didn’t know if they could possibly be used with some modification?

  4. Word to the wise (which leaves me out, unfortunately), if you buy one of these new vacuum harnesses… Inspect it thoroughly before installing.

    My new NAPA harness was broken, and I didn’t notice. In short I installed a brand new vacuum leak!

    I have no idea if the pic will work, worth a try I guess.


    Took me a while chasing running issues before I found this, it was the line for the EGR system and a ways down on my diagnostic protocol.

  5. So my question is… and I’m new to renix btw. If I but the front and rear does that mostly cover all the vacuum lines (say suspected vacuum leak) or is there more to it than that?

  6. My Comanche dies random when coming to stop sometimes, turning and accelerating also has a hiccup when driving at a constant speed cuts in and out almost kind of annoying any suggestions?

  7. He cruiser, I have narrowed my issue of the heat not working down to the the heater control valve not getting any vacuum, Any idea how to get vacuum there or where that vacuum hose routes to?

  8. I think one of the primary issues with the front vacuum harness is how the tube is secured to the large diameter, or front, rubber port fitting for the valve cover connection. I have seen new parts not secured at all and my ~1 year old front harness separate at this connection. This caused the valve cover to show soiling at the oil filler cap, rear (small diameter) port connection and to a lesser extent the the front port connection too.

    I chose to install a fuel line cable tie to compress the large rubber fitting to seal against the plastic tube. After driving on local roads ~ 45 mph for over 3 hours my valve cover remains clean. I may need to test drive this further to know for certain if this solved the valve cover soiling.

  9. Hi Cruiser,
    I am a new Renix owner (1990 XJ) and I’ve been reading your tips and picking away at stuff, however I am starting to realise the previous owners have definitely modified a few things under the hood and I have no way of finding out the whats/whys. I was going to purchase these vacuum harnesses but I can’t even see where they are on my jeep. There are TWO oil catch cans installed, so both the front and rear openings on the valve cover are connected to their own can (which I have to empty every 200 miles or so, already know that’s not good at all). I cannot find a single post on any forums mentioning having TWO cans, but I’ve read that even having one at all should be unnecessary if the blow-by issue is properly addressed. I am planning on doing your valve cover mod.
    So I guess my question is, can I replace these vacuum harnesses where they are meant to be if the old ones are missing/not whole? What’s the best way to find where they are supposed to connect?

    Thank you!!!

    1. Absolutely!! Scroll down through my Tips and you’ll find the harness photos, part numbers, and a vacuum diagram. Tip 22.
      A good time to do the valve cover fix also. Tip 25.

  10. Cruiser I have a question. With the front vacuum harness I noticed a hose missing & hear a vac leak due to thr hose missing. My problem is I don’t know what hose it is and where it’s supposed to connect to from the vac harness. I wish I could include a pic. But if you look at the vac harness from front of the Jeep, the 2nd set of 3 holes, that faces towards the manifold. There’s 3 holes. The bottom hole has a tube, the one above it (middle or 2nd hole) I’d the one that’s missing, top/3rd hole is nothing. Do you happen to know where this is supposed to connect to?

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