Renix oil filter to SAE filter

Tired of having a poor selection of oil filters for your Renix Jeep? Limited availabilty a pain for you? 20mm threads? We don’t need mumblemeter threads on our oil filters.

Here’s a simple mod that allows you to use the very popular SAE threaded oil filters which are more readily available. The old standard 3/4″ SAE thread.

You can purchase a new oil filter nipple from the dealer for under $10 and never be bothered again. Part number 53007563AB. It’s the one on the left. 53007563AB 7-8 15-16

Or, grab one off a 91 and later XJ at the junkyard. Be forewarned though. You need a 7/8 wrench to remove a Renix nipple, but a 15/16 wrench for the later style.

And just in case you need to replace your oil filter adapter o-rings, here’s a handy guide.

Oil Filter Adapter O-Ring Sizes
87-90 Renix Model O-rings

0.799 x 0.103 AS568 size -117
1.296 x 0.139 AS568 size -219
2.484 x 0.139 AS568 size –230

Dealer Part Numbers for Renix. Sold individually:

33002970, 33002971, 33002972

Renix kit from Crown Automotive-33002970K

91-01 HO Model Orings

0.676 x 0.070 AS568 size -017
0.859 x 0.139 AS568 size -212
2.484 x 0.139 AS568 size -230



Revised 03-07-2017

9 thoughts on “Renix oil filter to SAE filter”

  1. Cruiser 54: I Just put the part on from the Jeep dealer to change to the S A E filter. Because of space limitation, I had to use a deep well socket from Sears (it was the only on deep enough) to get the original part out, and a one inch regular socket to install the new part instead of the 15/16 one specified, otherwise everything went very well, thanks!

  2. Cruiser, my Comanche has 275K on the clock. The oil pump ( new sender) puts out just under 20 psi at 750 rpm hot idle. I don’t know if the pump has been replaced before or not. At about 1500 rpm the pressure is aroun 30-36 psi. Could the pump be on its way out? I need to change the oil pan gasket any way, mabe I should change the pump any way. What do you think?

    1. It couldn’t hurt, but you might verify the pressure with a real gauge first. Our dash gauges and senders seem to be hit and miss.

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